With the 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook is a great social media platform for business/organization advertisements. You can give a new dimension to your business by advertising it over highly engaging social media like Facebook. So, from this infographic, we are sharing the right and effective steps of Facebook ads.

Follow these steps and become an expert in Facebook advertising.

Choose your Ads Objective

Before publishing your Facebook ads, think about the purpose of your advertisement and the relative outcomes you will achieve. Try to make your advertisement specific so that you can focus on what values most and ensures success.

The main goals are:

  • Band awareness
  • Boost the traffic
  • Increase the views/likes
  • More conversion

Select Your Audience

After defining your goals, select your audience. Target only those who are relevant to your services. This way, you can minimize the bounce rate. Facebook provides you to choose custom audiences by uploading the existing contact list. You can also use the lookalike audiences, who have all the qualities to be your ideal audience.

Choose your platform

Once you decide your goals and list your target audience, Select the right platform to advertise. Facebook Ads Manager allows you to publish your ads on other Facebook owned applications, like Instagram and messenger. So, if you want to promote any app, then Facebook and Instagram might be the best platform.

Define your Budget

Decide how much do you want to spend over the ad. Facebook allows you to restrict your ads so that your budget does not exceed your limit. You can choose either a daily budget plan or a lifetime plan.

Daily Budget: You will spend every day in your advertisement.

Lifetime Budget: You will spend the budget throughout your ad’s life.

Pick a format

Make your ads more effective by picking up the right format for every campaign for tailored results. These options are:

  • Image: Use more than 1 variations (up to 6) in a single image to create an ad.
  • Video: Create an ad using a video.
  • Slideshow: Create a looping video using a series of up to 10 images. It is a time and cost-saving way of creating a video ad.
  • Carousel: Use more than 1 image or video to create an ad.
  • Canvas: Combine video and image in a single ad.

Submit you advert

Choose the best Call to Action (CTA) button so that visitors can click on that CTA button and land to your website to buy the services. Now it is time to send the Ads for review. After submission, Facebook will review your ad before making it live.

If you have any questions or thoughts, please post on Facebook or email us directly for a no-commitment educational discussion.

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