Website users can be anyone who visits your websites. They browse your website, look for whatever they want, if all seems good then they will become your customers; otherwise they abandon your website and leave immediately. This is something we called the behavior of the website users.

Making your website simple, user-friendly and easy-t0-use is an art that we call ‘User Experience’. So, make your website simple, user-friendly and easy-to-use by your prospects/customers; and they will continue. Make it difficult and they will leave.

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However, sometimes website owners deliberately make it difficult for the website users to exit your website. Not always the reason for user exiting the website is that he or she is not liking your product or services, but it can simply mean that he or she is not ready to engage with your product or service yet. So, in such cases, website owners can try to give it one more shot to engage prospects by offering some discount or some other offer or freebie to attract/re-engage them.

Did you ever notice that on some website, when you are about to exit the website, suddenly a pop up appears? This exit popup comes with some exciting offer, such as a Get 10% off on first purchase or a call-to-action button to Download the PDF guide with strategies etc. Experts believe that using Exit Popups can give website owners another opportunity to engage with website visitors by making it difficult for them to exit your website.

So, let’s figure out when & how you should make it difficult for your website users.

Let us share some real-life examples of Exit Popups, that compel users to think twic before leaving your website.

Offer your website users a discount they cannot refuse

It’s always a great idea to offers some discounts to drive up your sales. Who would mind some discount on the product one is looking to buy? So, when you offer any such discount to your users in the exit popup, there is a higher chance that they will grab the discount & complete the purchase.

Here are some awesome examples of Discount Exit Popups

As you can see that the NO I reject this offer button is not highlighted so that the visitors will only have the focus on YES Get my 15% OFF. So, there is a better chance to get a conversion as everyone loves saving some dollars, isn’t it?

Remind your visitors about the

Suppose a user comes to your site, views the product and add it to the cart. But later he/she changes his/her mind and decides to leave the website without completing the order. Here is a chance to remind him/her of the items in the cart along with some exclusive offer or discount which will entice him/her to complete the order.

Here are some example of exit popups about the item in your cart


Ask your visitors to stay updated with Newsletter Sign up

There are many visitors who want to stay updated about your website’s offer & promotions. So, the newsletter is a very good option for such customers, as the newsletter contains a lot of valuable information about offers & promotions. So you can use the Newsletter Subscriber exit popup & invite them to join your list.


Download a Free Guide offer

Say you are a service business & want to grow your subscribers’ list. You can attract visitors before leaving your website by offering them to download a free guide with some useful report. The word “free” always catch the attention of the visitors knowing they won’t have to pay for the guide.

Here are some intuitive exit popup examples


Show Urgency or Limited Period Offer

It’s a human tendency that people feel attracted to limited period offer or a sale. Implement the same in your exit popup and re-engage those people who want to leave your website.

Here are some Limited Period Exit Pop up examples

Limited-Period-Exit-Pop-upThe Final Words –

We hope this article has given you some new ideas to regain your customers who are ready to leave your website otherwise. Pick up the one you think will work for your business and try for your website. We also recommend you to run a split test so you can measure your results & see which strategy works better for your business. Good luck!