Responsive web design is a design strategy that will allow a website to react well to the size of the screen of a user’s device (mobile, tablet or PC). With the help of a Responsive website design, the user’s browsing experience will be optimized through a responsive and flexible web page and this page will also be optimized for a device that will be accessing that web page.

With 1.6 billion people globally owning a mobile device & 60% of web traffic coming from mobile devices, the need for a responsive website is more than ever. A responsive website let your business connect with your customer better, they stay longer on your website and increases the chances that they will buy from you or send an business enquiry. So can you afford to miss that big piece of pie?

Who Benefits From This?

Both the Web Design Company in India implementing the design as well as the audience who will get to experience the design will get to benefit from this. The users benefit because no matter what device they are using, the design will adjust itself accordingly and will make their experience better. The website owners benefit because this way they get more leads and conversions, and increased traffic that directly translates into increased revenue for the company.

The Importance Of Upgrading To A Responsive Web Design

Here are the various advantages that you can expect when you upgrade your website to responsive design:

1. Enhanced reach

With a responsive web design, the reach is enhanced, especially for the users who use mobile devices and tablets. In fact, the traffic received from these mobile devices is increasing day by day due to which those looking to optimize their online content should definitely look into implementing a responsive design for their website.

2. Increased conversion rates and sales

Another amazing benefit that is derived from a responsive web design is the fact that with increased user experience, the amount of conversion rates and sales increases as well. A responsive design will help in removing barriers they face while browsing non-responsive website such as that user will not have to scroll horizontally to view the complete page or font size is too small to be readable. With responsive design, the content of webpage will fit nicely according to the screen width & is legible.


3. Saved cost and time for development

Since a responsive website will work on all devices, you would not have to spend time and resources in creating separate desktop & mobile versions of your website. Also you will only need to manage single website which will work for all devices. This means that your costs will reduce significantly.

4. Improves user experience

If content is King, we can say user experience (UI) is Queen. Responsive design for your website helps to deliver optimal user experience irrespective of whether the user is on a PC, a tablet or a smartphone. With no scrolling (horizontal) & content size optimized for device, user can access the website from their favorite device.

5. Google loves Responsive websites

Yes that’s true. With the rising popularity of mobile devices, Google has added a new criteria to their algorithm for searches on mobile devices where preference will be given to mobile friendly websites over those sites which aren’t. So with a non responsive website, you may be losing out on all the search volume which is coming through mobile users.

Is my website responsive?

If you are not sure whether your website is responsive or not, you can easily check using the following tool from Google.

Responsive Mobile-Friendly test tool

While you may start from home page, it will be wise to check for key sections of your website such as services page, portfolio section, lead generation form etc. to ensure no errors exist.

The Cost of Responsive Web Design

The best thing about a responsive web design is that it is more cost effective as compared to an regular website design. Additionally, a responsive web design would put less load on servers and will help in enhancing the overall user experience. A responsive website will cost slightly more than a non responsive website yet it will add plethora of benefits for your business and unlock your website to hundreds & thousands of more mobile users.