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Are you considering having a custom content management system (CMS) development for your business as none of the popular CMS systems such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc. fit your business requirements but unable to decide? Here are some of the key reasons that businesses choose custom CMS development services by Burgeon Software to fulfill their unique business requirements.

  • Security

    If you have security concerns or corporate security requirements, custom CMS is the answer. Generally, off-the-shelf platforms are more susceptible to random attacks by bots and other automated attackers.

  • Advanced features

    If your website requires advanced features which none of the off-the-shelf platforms offer or you must have a custom software meeting the unique software requirements of your business.

  • Simpler interface

    With custom CMS for your business, you can get the interface the way you like. We plan, design, tweak the interface so that its easy for all levels of team members within your organization or even with your clients.

  • Ownership

    When you build with an open-source CMS, you may not own the software. To avoid any licensing issues in the future, a custom CMS development can give you the confidence of owning the software.

  • Speed & Performance

    Often with off-the-shelf software, you need to use plug-ins/add-ons to fulfill business requirements which bloat the performance & speed of your CMS. With custom CMS, we have the software built to your specifications without any unnecessary pieces which enhances the speed & performance of your CMS software.

  • Maintenance

    Of-the-shelf software constantly need updates. And often, with the update, your plug-ins/modules stop working. On the contrary, you need to less often update your custom CMS software. Moreover, the vulnerabilities commonly used against open-source platforms by hackers & automated bots become less of an issue.

Here’s why use Burgeon Software for your custom CMS development

  • 50 years+ of combined custom CMS development experience

  • In-depth development experience across different industry verticals

  • Milestone Payments, no hefty deposits

  • Secure, optimized & fast

  • Custom design and easy to use CMS interface

  • Surprisingly affordable


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CMS Website Development ServicesAt Burgeon, we understand that businesses evolve quickly. So, being in control to update your website timely & easily is critical. The key benefits of taking CMS development services for your website are:

  • Make updates quickly as required.
  • Offers cost savings as you don’t need a professional to do your day-to-day website updates.
  • Attract more visitors and traffic by providing fresh content regularly to your website users and search engine bots. Both, users & bots love fresh information (content).
  • Easy to use- We are CMS development Company Dallas offers intuitive, simple to use dashboard that any person with basic computing skills can manage the website content with ease.