ERP & CRM Integration

Online CRM for small businessERP & CRM software are aimed at business automation and help business owners to better manage their business operations. Burgeon Software offers services for ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions to automate your business to fuel growth for your business.

  • Customize off the shelf ERP or CRM package to meet your business needs.
  • Integrate readymade ERP or CRM software with your existing systems.
  • Develop custom CRM or ERP software specific to your business requirements.
  • Working with leading ERP & CRM software - OpenERP(Odoo), SugarCRM.
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ERP & CRM Development Services

Burgeon software offers development and customizing services for ERP & CRM softwares. ERP software are complex software which involve both internal & external aspects of your business. While customer relationship management system are aimed at managing and monitoring the organization’s business communication with its customers. Team at Burgeon Software specializes in customizing the readymade ERP & CRM software to fulfill your business needs or developing custom ERP & CRM solutions to meet your business needs.

  • OpenERP (Odoo)

    OpenERP (Odoo)

    Customization of OpenERP for business.

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  • SugarCRM Development


    Customization of SugarCRM for business.

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  • Custom ERP/CRM

    Custom ERP/CRM

    Tailor-made ERP/CRM development for your business.

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